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29 Aug 2016 // On the subject of
On the subject of divine lupines

Oh boy, it’s been a while since I’ve written something here. This summer was quite eventful at work, and then I also had to take some vacation time during which I watched Summer Games Done Quick and then went away in the woods, so I kinda left my blog behind. And anyway, I didn’t find anything interesting to talk about, and the few things that happened in the gaming world had already been covered in greater and better detail that I ever could, so.

I had started ordering parts for a new PC, which I’m now writing this article on. While that was going on, my then-current PC’s graphic card messed up, and my procrastinating reflexes slowed the whole process. Anyway, long story short, I barely played on a PC during the summer. Instead I dusted off my various consoles and played on that.

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17 Jun 2016 // Quick shots
Quick shot: the next Zelda

The news have dropped: the next Zelda is going to be subtitled Breath of the Wild, which is one word away from a Diablo 2 runeword. Before that reveal, all we knew was that it was going to be a Zelda game, for both the Wii U and the NX, and that it was going to be released in 2017.

And then they released the trailer, and also streamed people playing the game for hours. And all of that managed to restart my little hype muscle, which up to this point had been all dried out. And why, do you ask? Well, let me ramble a bit.

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25 Apr 2016 // On the subject of
On the subject of mustachioed role playing

Back when I was a kid, the only computer our family had was a Mac, first an old Performa 5200 and then an iMac G4. So, my first forays into gaming were done on consoles.

First there was the NES that my older half-brother had left behind when he had moved out of the house. And then the SNES that my brother had received as a birthday gift in a bundle that also included Donkey Kong Country. And then another bundle for my brother, this time Mario Kart 64 with the appropriate device for running it. And then we both scraped all our spare change and got a GameCube, in a bundle with Super Mario Sunshine. Come to think of it, there were a lot of bundles in my childhood.

During my studies at the University of Sherbrooke, I used a MabBook Pro as my main work computer, so, again, I was still mostly gaming on a console, this time a PS3 because I sure as hell wasn’t gonna be touching a Wii with a 10 foot pole. When I finished my studies, got a job and finally got really financially independent, I got my hands on an actual PC, and I’ve been doing most of my gaming on then since. I got a Wii U some months ago, but as it stands it’s still mostly a Netflix machine, at least until the next Zelda comes out.

As far as mobile gaming goes, I have a 3DS gathering dust somewhere, and my smartphone is mostly used for texting and the occasional browse of Facebook and Twitter. Really, I’m not much of a mobile user. I prefer to sit still when it comes to that.

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28 Mar 2016 // On the subject of
On the subject of diabolical creep

Recently, Blizzard announced a small patch for Diablo 3. What’s in it, you ask? Well, a few balance changes. Most notably, they’ve buffed a lot of legendary gems. Now, if you don’t know much about D3, it’s fine, you don’t don’t even need to have played the game for this. All you need to know is that it’s a game about bashing loot piñatas. What I found interesting wasn’t the changes themselves. Well, it was the changes, but not on the individual gems. What I found particularly interesting was that they were all buffs. You see, their rationale was that some gems were clearly better than others, so they decided to make every single other gem at least as good. When everything is good, things are balanced, right?

It’s not really a bad way to design, but it does raises issues of creep. And it made me think about Diablo 3 as a whole, and how creep has been their modus operandi since they reworked it after the fiasco that was the launch. In fact, the whole process of just endlessly raising everything has been with them well before that. But let’s break things down bit by bit.

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30 Jan 2016 // Quick shots
Quick shot: DemoNight 2016

Every year, near the end of January, the Montreal chapter of the International Game Developer Association, the biggest non-profit working on behalf of game developers worlwide, makes a little event called the DemoNight. During that time, indie and not so indie game developers get to show off their current work. The only rule: your game must not have been released already in a finished state, although early access titles are fair game. Your game also needs to be interesting. Oh, and being well connected in the Montreal indie scene should help quite a bit. And it’s a five minute real time demo: no trailers or pre-baked marketing bullshit is allowed.

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