This is my blog. There are many more like it, but this one is mine. If you want to know more about me, check out the about page. Otherwise, kick back, relax, take a load off your mind. I realize this is pretty bare bones right now. Bear with me as I learn the ropes about Jekyll.

27 Sep 2013 // On the subject of
On the subject of critical thinking

So, I know this guy who’s quite the conspiracy nut. Whenever something happens, he always jumps on the fringe theories. At first I wanted to write about conspiracy theories in general and debunk a few myths while I’m at it, but I figured it was pointless because smarter people than me are already doing it anyway. So instead I want to talk about critical thinking.

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19 Sep 2013 // Meta
Let's call this a milestone

So, it’s been a bit more than month since I’ve started blogging. So I figured I’d do a little bit of introspection on the whole thing.

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14 Sep 2013 // On the subject of
On the subject of difficulty

Back in the day, I liked to play single player games at the hardest available difficulty setting. These days, I don’t really care anymore. The main reason being that I mostly play games for their story aspects, and a tough challenge usually gets in the way of the next story segment, and that just frustrates me. I still like a good challenge once in a while, so I usually settle for some “normal” or similar difficulty level. And I really don’t give a flying toss about what difficulty level you play on.

But it seems some people do care a lot. And they’ll even try to tell you how you should play a game. So I figured I’d talk about difficulty in games.

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31 Aug 2013 // On the subject of
On the subject of warring consoles

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock since last spring, you are probably aware that a new game console generation is upon us. The eight one, to be precise. And while it technically started with the release of Nintendo’s Wii U, last fall, in practice we can all agree that the real kickoff of that brand new generation is the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, sometime within the next few months.

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24 Aug 2013 // On the subject of
On the subject of deeper games

So, as a many of you already know, I’m a gamer. I play lots of games, of all kinds and shapes and genres, on all kinds of platforms. I play to get either some mindless fun, a competitive edge or some food for though. In short, playing video games is my preferred way of consuming art. I also happen to work in the games industry, and I try to stay on top of what’s going on in that wacky world, where pretentious hipsterism sits next to business-class bullshit.

And what I especially like is that some games really try to make us think, and try to provoke emotional reactions that are more varied than just your dopamine-fueled excitement. I truly believe that games are an incredible form of artistic expression, and it’s great to see developers try to push the medium forward.

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