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28 Feb 2015 // On the subject of
On the subject of weaponized gardening equipment

Nostalgia is a finicky thing. If you were never fond of something at one point, you probably won’t start to like it right now. Its main function is to smooth over any flaws. While it doesn’t make anything better, it does make things seem less bad.

You might be wondering where I’m going with this. Stick with me for a second, I need to give some context. If you don’t give a shit about that, just read the last line of this article, it’s pretty much the TL;DR.

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31 Jan 2015 // On the subject of
On the subject of demo nights

Last tuesday, I went to this year’s edition of the IGDA Montreal DemoNight. Let’s back up a bit to explain what all those words mean.

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23 Dec 2014 // Reviews
Another one down

2014 is about to end, and that means one thing: let’s talk about what my year was like gaming wise, and what my game of the year is! Again, this will follow the same rules as last year: my GOTY is a game I first played this year that had the biggest impact on me. It’s not necessarily the best game, or the one I played the most. It’s just one that got to me well enough that I still want to talk about it months after I’ve stopped playing it.

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22 Nov 2014 // On the subject of
On the subject of military ethics

So, Call of Duty, subtitled Advanced Warfare, has come out recently. And well, it’s about good Americans versus evil mercenaries, and it covers ripped-from-the-headlines issues like security and privacy. Because the advantage you have with PMCs is that you’re not offending anyone when you shoot at them, unlike when you do so with Russia or some middle eastern country. On the scale of cartoon evil, mercenaries are only one step above Nazis. And they’re at their evilest when they come to take our hard earned freedoms because humans can’t be trusted with that. Makes me wonder why they did not just pick Abstergo as the villain there. Oh, right, intellectual properties.

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20 Nov 2014 // Meta
What's this? An update?

I’m back! Well, kinda.

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