20 November 2014

I’m back! Well, kinda.

So, last time I wrote here, it was in 2013. That’s almost a full year! What happened?

Well, to make a long story short, I met someone. And while it’s great and all, suddenly I had much less free time on my hands. However, I only have my laziness to blame: instead of reorganizing my schedule to allow for it, I just… stopped writing.

But this shall not stand! For one, I still have plenty of stuff to write about. I just need to get off my lazy ass and write it down. I already have a few drafts lying around that I can turn into actual articles pretty quickly. And there’s also this old project of lowering the barriers to entry in gaming…

I won’t fully commit to a schedule, because I still don’t trust myself with this, but I figure that if I can write once a month, then it’s gonna be a step in the right direction. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Anyway. Expect an article this weekend, and my Game of the Year verdict some time next month.

See y’all!