29 December 2013

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t be doing anything productive for two weeks, but there’s something I wanted to talk about real quick.

So, I’ve decide to setup a Twitch.tv channel to live stream my gaming sessions. I’m currently using it to stream while I wade through my Steam backlog, which has grown quite substantially in the past few months. In the future, I might stream my League of Legends matches, or even do in-depth analysis of games while I play them. I don’t know if it’ll remain a thing I want to do for a long time, but for now I’m liking it.

There are a few reasons why I decided to start streaming. First, a friend of mine started doing it, so it gave me the idea. Second, streaming used to be a somewhat complicated venture, but now there’s this thing called Open Broadcaster Software that allows anyone on Windows to stream to Twitch with a simple button press. Thirdly, I’m a huge attention whore.

But, most importantly, it’s because I realized that there are many things I talk about on this blog that I could simply show, live, on stream. I can give everyone a preview of a game I’m recommending. I can do a live Let’s Play of a game and explain why it’s good (or not). And anyway, I have way too much bandwidth. Might as well do something useful with it.

Anyway. Feel free to subscribe on Twitch so that you get a notification when I go live. For now, I’m only doing short random sessions, but I got plans for a more organized schedule. I still got a few technical issues to hammer out.

With that said, I hope you have a happy new year! I’ll see you in 2014.