05 December 2013

Exactly four months today, I published my first article! Hurray, clap clap, I’m so proud of myself. How about some introspection then?

Well, according to my Analytics stats, not a lot of people are visiting my site. I’m getting some feedback here and there, but not too much. But I don’t see my self stopping soon. I still got lots of subjects in the pipeline. I’m doing this primarily for myself, after all, and as long as at least one person is interested, it’s worth it.

I’ll probably keep writing mostly about games, but maybe in a more accessible way. A non gamer friend of mine made me realize how closed off gaming can be, and how difficult it can be for someone who’s never played games to actually get in and start playing. Where do you start? Old games might give some historical context but they are rarely the most competent. Modern “hardcore” titles usually assume you already have an adequate background, and casual titles are but a facet of the wonderful world of video games. I’ll try whipping up a “beginner’s guide to gaming” or something. It’ll be a lot of work, but at least it’ll be useful.

In related news, I just watched Charlie Brooker’s How video games changed the world. It’s incredibly engrossing, and I recommend it to anyone, gamer and non gamer alike. That bit at the end with social networks blew and my mind and made me realize how much game mechanics are embedded in every day life. Maybe I’ll end up writing something about gamification, because that’s probably how games will end up having the biggest impact on society as a whole.

As for my games backlog, a new Humble Bundle came out, and that adds up to all those games I already had in my list. With work, this blog and League of Legends taking up most of my time, don’t expect new reviews soon.

As for non gaming subjects, I got a few. Maybe they’ll get pushed up the priority queue. We’ll see.

Until next time, stay healthy, my friends. And eat your carrots. They taste good.