19 September 2013

So, it’s been a bit more than month since I’ve started blogging. So I figured I’d do a little bit of introspection on the whole thing.

I started this blog thing because there were things I wanted to talk about. Things I wanted to get out of my system, mostly. And, on that account, it worked. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this, although I did not expect it to take so much of my time.

Writing is hard. It can take several hours for me to write a single article. While I can probably hash out a quick “stream of consciousness” type thing in about half an hour, the end result is usually quite crappy, and I end up spending a lot of time editing and cleaning the whole thing. I realize this is also exactly how I write software: quickly done prototypes that I then incrementally refactor. I am absolutely unable to clean things as I go. It’s just the way I work, I suppose.

Maybe it’s because I’m lazy and that playing solo top Lulu sometimes feel more interesting than writing, but sometimes it gets hard to write just one measly article per week. My previous blog failed because I did not know what to write about. This, time, it’s the opposite: I got an actual backlog of subjects. So I guess I just need more discipline.

Originally, I mentionned I wanted to talk about a bunch of things, but I realize it’s been mostly about games. I’ll try mixing things up a bit, because while writing is cool and cathartic for me, it would be fun if I also wrote for others. And many of my friends don’t really give a shit about gaming (or rather about the deep game design theory stuff I usually cover on this blog). So, yeah. A little bit more variety would be cool. Next article will not be on gaming, I promise.

So, stay tuned, people. Things are gonna get more interesting. Hopefully. In the meantime, Bastion has just been added to the Humble Indie Bundle 9. You can get it if you pay more than the average. But seriously, 5$ just for that game is worth it. And you also get a bunch of other great games with it, and you give to charity.

Peace out!