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05 Dec 2013 // Meta
Four is death, and a milestone

Exactly four months today, I published my first article! Hurray, clap clap, I’m so proud of myself. How about some introspection then?

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28 Nov 2013 // On the subject of
On the subject of virtual violence

So, there are a bunch of discussions that come up once in a while about how violence in video games might be bad because it might turn people into killers by “training” them. If you want my opinion, that’s a load of radioactive bullshit. But that’s not what I want to talk about here, because I’m really sick of all those scare mongering jerkwads bringing the issue up over and over again despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.

Anyway. I want to talk about the use of violence as a literary device, in the context of interactive media. That’s right, good use of violence can make your game a better one! But not always.

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26 Oct 2013 // On the subject of
On the subject of interactive stories

I’ve been playing a bit of The Stanley Parable recently, and it gave me pause for thought. Then I played Gone Home, and it added to my thoughts. So let’s talk about interactive stories.

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12 Oct 2013 // On the subject of
On the subject of skin thickness

So, something weird happened recently in the gaming world. There was this Xbox One event at Eurogamer Expo 2013, where a transgender woman might have been “humiliated” by a comedian. Turns out it’s more complicated than that, and in the end everyone got out of there with a formal apology and looks like the case is closed.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the reaction some people had to this story.

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04 Oct 2013 // Reviews
Micro review: Saints Row IV

Verdict: If you liked the previous one, buy it.

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